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You want your loved ones to have the best possible care in the most loving environment, whether their need is short-term rehabilitation or long-term skilled nursing care. This is why you are carefully considering your options and what is best for you or your loved one right now. Because you want what is best, you are carefully researching to be sure you are making the right decision.

We know the decision is emotionally and intellectually difficult. Our hope is to offer you the helping hand you need: first in getting the information you need to make this decision and; second, if you choose one of our healthcare communities, giving you the help you need in caring for your loved one when the burden of care is beyond your control.

So, welcome to the DOS Health Care website, where you will get a helping hand in making healthcare decisions. Please click on the following for more information about the various services our dedicated staff lovingly offers to residents of DOS Health Care healing communities. Also, to your left, you will find a menu bar that will lead you to other areas of interest on this, “your helping hand website.”
When is it time to entrust care to others?
When you, as a loved one can no longer offer adequate healthcare and help with daily functions (due to your job or other limitations), entrusting your loved to the helping and caring hands of competent professionals may be the wisest and most loving thing to do.

When you can’t take care of yourself adequately and your loved ones are either unavailable, due to a job or other limitations and/or your needs are greater burdens than your loved one(s) can carry, joining a secure and caring healthcare community may be in the best interest of you and your loved ones.
Why entrust a loved one to the care of others?
There may come a time when a person or their loved one can no longer safely live at home due to the impossible demands of some medical circumstances, many of which require 24-hour attention. When a person is actually less safe at home, a healthcare community with a dedicated, competent and caring staff is the most loving and wise choice.
When is a rehabilitation community best?
When one needs faster and easier rehabilitation, a rehabilitation community may be best. Also, if frequent travel to and from therapy sessions is too difficult, a rehabilitation community is a good choice. This is because the rehabilitation department is located within the community. Thus, travel to sessions is equivalent to a trip down the hall with the help of the therapist, rather than a trip across town by one’s self. 

A further benefit of temporary residence in a rehabilitation community is the expeditious service that is inherent in temporarily living in the building in which a rehabilitation department is housed. In other words, living onsite may make the rehabilitation process faster and more convenient.

A final benefit to temporary residents in a rehabilitation community occurs when living offsite while awaiting successful rehabilitation would create undue hardship. For example, a person who needs to regain the use of his/her legs or arms may find living offsite makes performing everyday tasks, such as cooking and cleaning impossible, or travel to and from therapy sessions too difficult during the rehabilitation period.
To whom should you entrust care?
Choosing rehabilitation and nursing community is not like choosing a neighborhood. Surface appearances are no indicator of quality. Instead, the best rehabilitation and nursing communities are the ones with the most competent and caring professionals working in all departments: nursing, activities, dietary, housekeeping and rehabilitation. Choosing the right community usually requires a tour of the community and interviews of various staff. We welcome those looking for the right community to tour any of our communities and meet our staff. Just give the community of your choice a call or send them an email to arrange a tour.